Sightings Report for July 30th 2018

The Victoria region almost hit 30 degrees yesterday! The winds picked up into the afternoon making for an adventurous day on the water and cooling things down.

There are so many whales in the area right now! Both the Southern Residents and Biggs orca were encountered hunting and socializing throughout the day.  A group of Biggs orca were identified as the T18s and include a large male with a leaning dorsal fin! They were actively hunting all day long, and once successful they celebrated by breaching, cartwheeling, and fin slapping!! More members of J pod (of the southern resident orca) popped up, and were seen fishing in the Georgia Strait. Unlike Biggs, the salmon eating Resident whales will pursue their prey individually! 

Humpback whales are here to feed on the copious amounts of zooplankton found in the nutrient rich waters of our coast! We have been encountering these gentle giants all summer as more and more arrive from their long migration.

~ Stay tuned for what we see next! 

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Capt Tom