Sightings Report for July 28th 2018

Happy Saturday, the weekend is finally here!! Clear sunny skies with light winds made for a great day on the Salish Sea. Peak season continues as reports of whales come in before the fleet left the dock!

J pod members of the Southern Residents Orca population have been in the area throughout the week, and were encountered heading North near Pender Island. Unfortunately, there has been a recent birth/death within the group, so our fleet stayed distant to ensure no stress was put on the grieving pod. This highly endangered population faces many struggles, including reproduction.

Humpbacks have been around all summer, feeding on the bounty of food in the water column! Our fleet often stumbles upon individuals feeding, relaxing or sometimes even breaching! The Salish Sea is full of life, and also home to many seals, sea lions, and coastal birds.

~ Stay tuned!

Capt Tom