Sightings Report for July 24th 2018

It was a super hot day in the capital region, making for perfect conditions out on the water! Our fleet left the dock this morning with reports of many whales in the area!

Throughout the day we caught up with both ecotypes of Orca that inhabit the area! A group of Bigg's Orca (mammal eaters) were picked up by the awesome Captain Gordon this morning - good eye!! They were scanning the area, searching for their favorite prey, harbor seals and porpoises! The Southern Resident Orcas have also been spotted in the area, but because of their endangered status we had a short and sweet interaction!

Humpbacks are still here feeding on the abundance of zooplankton species in the water column! Even though their prey is microscopic, their mouths are 1/3 of their body so they can gulp down thousands of plankton at a time!!

~ Stay tuned!!

Double porpoising.jpg
Capt Tom