Sightings Report for July 23rd 2018

A wonderful way to start the week!! We encountered both ecotypes of Orca, Humpbacks, and a Minke whale! There must be some pretty good eating in the Salish Sea right now!!! 

Orca were reported in the area early in the morning! Turns out it was a group of Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) traveling south through the Georgia Strait. It wasn't long before the only pod of Resident Orca (fish eaters) in the area were seen, identified as the J16s! On an afternoon tour we even had passengers spot another pod of Bigg's Orca, good eye!!

Throughout the day we have the privilege of hanging out with humpback whales, here feeding on the abundance of Krill in the water column! 

~ Stay tuned!

Matriline, close up, low light.jpg
Capt Tom