Sightings Report for July 15th 2018

The season is flying by, as we officially hit the middle of the month! It was a scorching hot day in Victoria, with temperatures in the high 20's! Our sightings have been incredible lately, and our captains could not wait to get on the water!!

Our fleet headed out West in the morning to hang out with K pod of the Southern Resident orca population. They were spread out fishing for Chinook Salmon as they left the Salish Sea, we hope they are catching enough food! 

In the afternoon we caught up with Biggs Orca (mammal eaters)! They were also encountered foraging, only they work as a team to catch their prey! Once they have finished their meal they often celebrate by breaching, tail slapping, and socializing!! Humpback whales frequent our waters for the same reason as the orca; food!!! They were encountered foraging throughout the area, and having a relaxing Sunday.

We are so lucky our nutrient rich water can support so much life!!

~Stay tuned for whats next!!

Female mid porpoise, clear shot, right side.jpg
Capt Tom