Sightings Report for July 11 2018

Happy hump day!!! What a beautiful day to be on the water! The sun was shining with calm winds all day! 

In keeping with the theme, our fleet caught up with some breaching humpbacks through the Juan De Fuca Strait!! They are here for the summer to feed on small plankton, abundant in these waters. They are thought to breach as a way of communication, as there is a loud noise created when their bodies hit the surface of the water. There was approximately 10 individuals in the area, with a mother and calf pair!

A stop by Race Rocks Ecological reserve is always a treat! A small chain of islands littered with local pinnipeds (seals and sea lions) sunning themselves on the shorelines! They are often heard barking at one another, competing for space.

~ Stay Tuned!!

Half breech (side view).jpg