Sightings Report for July 10 2018

The morning was sunny and calm, but the wind picked up into the afternoon. Luckily our zodiacs are built to handle rough seas! 

Reports of whales came in before the captains left the dock! A pod of Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) were picked up right off of Oak Bay, we love when they are close to home! When our fleet arrived on scene they were swimming at a slow relaxed pace. This could be an indication of sleepy whales! We also caught up with friendly humpback whales that were foraging throughout the Salish Sea. Several individuals came in close to take a peak at our passengers!

In the afternoon our captains headed north to catch up with the same group of Biggs Orca from the morning! This time they were moving very quickly, perhaps scanning the area for prey!! Nothing better than a snack after a nap! We encountered humpbacks in the afternoon again as well, but this time several individuals breached!!!! Seeing happy whales never gets old!

~ Stay tuned!! 

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Capt Tom