Sightings Report for April 5th 2018

The weather this past week has been very gloomy and cold, because of these conditions BC LUNA has spent a lot of time on the water! She is the best vessel for comfort and warmth, equipped with large windows so you don't miss the beautiful views of the coast.

Despite the weather our wildlife encounters have been consistent. Both ecotypes of orca have been seen in the area throughout the week. A super pod of transient orca (mammal eaters) were encountered north of the San Juan Islands just the other day! There were approximately 20 whales, which is very rare as they generally hangout in pods of 3-4 individuals. Residential orca (salmon eating) were also encountered chasing salmon throughout the Juan de Fuca Strait! 
Yesterday captain Gordon caught up with a pair of transient orcas just off the water front of downtown Victoria! They were identified as a male and female from different family pods, very unique experience.

Stay tuned for what we encounter next!

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