Sightings Report for April 23rd 2018

A great start to the week! The sun was shining and the water was calm as Captain Russ headed out of the harbour on BC Tika. Everyone kept their eye out and not long after a pod of Bigg's Orca (mammal eaters) were spotted!

As BC Tika arrived on scene the whales were almost out of range, heading North in the Georgia Strait. They were moving fast, scanning the area for other marine mammals as potential prey. After making a kill they shared it with one another, occasionally playing with it in celebration of their success. 

Captain Gordon was on BC Nova for an afternoon tour, and got to encounter a humpback whale! These gentle giants are here to feed on large amounts of small fish, and are known for their large fluke emerging from the water as they descend on a deep dive. 

We cant wait to see whats next, stay tuned!!!