Sightings Report for March 2018

Happy to be back for the 2018 Season!! We officially opened at the beginning of March, and have been off to a great start!

Although peak whale watching season is typically from June to September, Captain Russ, Gordon, and Kaegan have had the chance to encounter several different Orca pods throughout the month. Both the Southern Resident's and Bigg's Orca have been frequenting the Salish Sea, typically seen scanning for prey before heading back out to the open Pacific.

This summer we hope to see the endangered Southern Resident Orca's more often. Their numbers have decreased in response to collapsing Chinook Salmon populations, as they are the main source of prey. A greater presence will mean that they are able to find enough food to support their family pod!

Bigg's orca are frequently encountered in the area, often seen targeting other marine mammals including; seals, sea lions, porpoise, etc. They work as a team to outmaneuver and stun their prey. This week Captain Russ and his passengers got to encounter California orca travelling with the T11's!

This year we are offering a 20% discount to residents of Victoria and a 10% military discount!!

We are excited to show our guests why we love what we do, bring on the season!