Sightings Report for October 6th 2018

It was a very sunny and calm day in the Victoria area, a complete 180 from the previous day. We are coming to the end of the season but the whale encounters have yet to slow down!

In the morning our fleet encountered several humpback whales west of Victoria, one was particularly friendly and ‘mugged’ one of our vessels. This means that the individual approached and scratched its back on the haul while checking out the passengers, a rare and lucky encounter. Of course the engines were shut off and the captain waited for the whale to lose interest. The whales are not aware of the strict 100 m approach limit and sometimes its tough to keep them away from the boat!

In the afternoon a group of Biggs orcas (mammal eaters) were picked up in the Georgia Strait. They were travelling North as they scanned the area for their latest prey item. They went right by the Schwartz bay Ferry terminal and into the Saanich Inlet, cool!

~ Stay tuned!

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Capt Tom