Sightings Report for Sept 2nd 2017

What a great start to the long weekend!! The sun was shining and the winds were calm as the captains headed out to discover what was in the local waters. It didn't take long until reports of Biggs Orca came in! Indicating they were heading through the June De Fuca Strait to see what the Salish Sea had to offer!

Our morning tours caught up with the whales as they headed West searching the coast for prey! By the afternoon it was a feast for the mammal eating Biggs orca pods as they worked together to take down their targets. They caught one thing after another and the seal gulls swooped in to get the scraps!

Humpbacks were also encountered feeding and resting throughout the Strait, coming up for  several breathes before a long dive to the bottom!

Stay tuned for what we encounter tomorrow!