Sightings Report for September 26th 2017

A beautiful Tuesday in the local waters of Victoria! September has been a great month for weather, and whale sightings!! Make sure to take advantage of the fall sale and get 15% off your next adventure by entering the "whalesale" promo code!

Our fleet caught up with the large number of humpbacks feeding in the mouth of the Juan De Fuca Strait. They need to eat enough to build their blubber layer before heading back to tropical waters to calve and mate. Its incredible to see that many large animals foraging in one area! 

Bigg's orca (mammal eaters) identified as the T10's were spotted by Race Rocks Ecological Reserve searching for prey. This pod consists of the matriarch and her two calves, they work together to catch their prey and then split their kill equally! Team work is very important for their survival and fitness.

Stay tuned for what we encounter tomorrow!!