Sightings Report for September 17th 2017

With rain and clouds in the area for the day it was quiet in the inner harbour, but there was plenty of the action taking place in the waters surrounding the capital city! Our fleet caught up with several species of cetaceans throughout the day as they searched for their choice prey in the Salish Sea!

A few pods of Bigg's Orca (mammal eaters) were encountered hunting and scanning the coastline! These large animals need to eat frequently to meet their metabolic needs, because they are looking for other marine mammals they need to stay quiet and stealth while hunting. Luckily they are great at what they do and were seen eating several meals throughout the day! The whales also became curious about us and were seen "spy hopping" (in the picture below), they do this by sticking their heads out of the water to look at their surroundings!

Humpback whales are still here feeding on the many schools of bait fish and krill in the Juna De Fuca Strait! Their large mouths lined with rows of baleen is perfect for trapping large amounts of prey and filtering out the water.

Stay tuned for what we encounter this week!