Sightings Report for September 16th 2017

Sunny skies and calm winds made for great whale watching conditions and a fantastic way to start off the weekend! The flat waters made it very easy to see the exhales of cetaceans as they surfaced to breathe.

Several Bigg's Orca pods were picked up throughout the Juna De Fuca Strait, scanning the coastline for other marine mammals as potential prey. Several pods were seen hunting and took down several harbour seals! After working together to out maneuver and catch their prey they share it equally throughout their family pod. There were also several very curious whales that approached the boats to check us out, giving passengers a very rare and unique experience!

The humpbacks are still around feeding before they head off for the winter months to breed and calve in tropical waters. They are often encountered feeding on small bait fish in order to satisfy their metabolic needs and put on blubber for their migration!

Stay tuned for what we encounter tomorrow!