Sightings Report for September 15th 2017

September has been incredible so far! We have had contact with whales almost everyday, often encountering several pods of orca and humpbacks in the local waters. Most mornings there have been reports of whales in the area before our fleet leaves the dock and we hope this will continue until the end of October! 

Today we caught up with several groups of Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) hunting and scanning the sea for potential prey. They often spread out while looking, and when they are locked on to their target they will converge and work together to take down the prey item. 

Race Rocks Ecological Reserve is full of life as this is where many seals and sea lions go to rest and sun bathe on the rocks. Sea lions are often heard "barking" and seen sparring with one another for space on the edge of this small chain of islands. 

Stay tuned for what we encounter next!

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