Sightings Report for August 31st 2017

What a great day on the water! The sun was shining and the winds remained consistent blowing around 10 knots. Our fleet caught up with three different species of cetaceans in the local area, including; orcas, humpbacks, and a gray whale!

Biggs orca (mammal eaters) were encountered in the Juna De Fuca Strait as they scanned the coast for potential prey. There were several pods working together to catch their target, which means they will share their meal, then move onto the next snack!

Humpback whales were encountered near Race Rocks Ecological Reserve where they feed on small bait fish and plankton. They are often seen at the surface for three or four breathes before they go on a deep dive showing their fluke before they descend.

A gray whale was spotted in the Strait yesterday! They are not usually encountered here, as they often migrate up the West Coast of Vancouver Island in the open ocean. A great encounter with a infrequent visitor, what a treat for our guests!

Stay tuned!!