Sightings Report for August 30th 2017

The sun was shining this morning with a mix of sun and clouds in the afternoon, however the wind picked up and blew the clouds through the capital region into the evening. Great conditions to be on the water, with calm winds in the morning it makes it great to find and spot the "blows" of the whales as they surface to breathe.

Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) have become a staple in the Salish Sea this season as they have appeared almost everyday! This is no surprise with the absence of the Resident Orca (fish eaters) and the increase in the seal population, these animals have moved in to fill the gap of top predator! Two pods were encountered throughout the day as they scanned the Strait for potential prey, often spreading out to cover more ground.

Humpbacks were also encountered throughout the day relaxing and feeding! After catching their breathe they "fluke" before a deep dive, giving guests the iconic shot!

Stay tuned!! 

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