Sightings Report for August 25th 2017

What a great day to be on the water! Sunny skies and calm winds provided great conditions for spotting the "blows" or exhales of cetaceans as they come to the surface to breathe. Our captains were ready to take on the day and see what they would encounter!

The morning trips caught up with several humpback whales that have been feeding and relaxing in the Salish Sea throughout the summer! Our nutrient rich waters provide great conditions for small herring and krill, who are main sources of prey for these gentle giants. They often gape their large mouths and swim through the schooling fish before closing their mouth and swallowing their catch!

In the afternoon several pods of Biggs Orca (mammal eaters) were spotted foraging together. The pods worked together to outmaneuver and capture their desired prey, seals! 

Stay tuned for what we encounter next!

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