Sighting Report for July 4, 2017! Happy 4th of July USA!!

It was a day of Bigg's orca (mammal hunters) encounters today!!! With numerous groups scattered around the Canadian Gulf Islands and the American San Juan Islands.

All of our expeditions experienced sunshine, calm seas and amazing sights of orca foraging, socializing and playing.  It was by far an amazing way to spend Independence Day (July 4th) on the water, watching the apex predators hunting seals.  We also threw in the usual local suspects - bald eagles, harbour seals & harbour porpoises just to ensure the tour was nothing short of spectacular.

Just another day here in the Pacific North West, I reckon!  

Stay tuned for our sighting report tomorrow to find out what incredible interactions we have today!!


A Bigg's orca breaching with Mt. Baker in the background.

Capt Tom