Sighting Report July 3, 2017!

The wind calmed down a huge amount, which we all breathed a slight sigh of relief.  The morning expeditions headed out with rumoured reports of humpback whales in Haro Strait.  After a few brief encounters with a large humpback whale our morning adventures got word of a "schwack load" of orca south of Lopez Island heading North East.  

There were 3 different pods of Bigg's orca (mammal hunters) socializing and hunting; displaying a heap of surface behaviour, which was incredible. T65a's, T49a's & T75b's all grouped up and traveling together and foraging for tasty harbour seals and other marine mammals as they headed north in the San Juan Channel.

The afternoon and evening sunset cruises got to encounter very similar sights as another successful day on the water for BC Whale Tours and all of our adventurers.

Bring on today ~ stay tuned to see what we encounter on todays expeditions