Sightings Report for July 27, 2017

Another windy day in Victoria! This week has been full of sunshine and high winds making for adventurous water conditions. Despite the wind and waves, there have been some great encounters with local cetaceans! 

Biggs orca have been in the region searching the Salish Sea for other marine mammals to munch on. Our guests got the opportunity to watch a pod of orca work together to take down a harbor porpoise by using their power and weight to ram it into the air. Quite the show, and sad ending for the porpoise, however everyone needs to eat!!

There have been many interactions with humpback whales as they feed in the Juan De Fuca Strait. Several have been identified as returning individuals from last year! They have been great to observe and are often seen breaching, slapping their pectoral fin at the surface and fluking before they go on deep dives!

Stay Tuned for what we encounter next!!

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