Sightings Report for July 17, 18 2017

The sun was out and the wind was down the past few days, making great conditions for whale watching! The Residents are back in the area!!!

L Pod came in from the open Pacific on Sunday and have been around the San Juan Islands foraging, socializing, and relaxing in the Salish Sea. They have been spending most of their time off the coast due to the decreasing Chinook Salmon populations, so they have adapted by prey switching and focusing their hunting efforts on Coho Salmon.

A lot of humpbacks are still in the area, being surprisingly energetic and breaching often! Their main focus is feeding and resting from their long migration from the Southern Pacific.

The seals and sea lions are often seen enjoying the sun and lazing around on their known haul out sight at Race Rocks, which is always a hit with the passangers!

Stay tuned for what we encounter next!!

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