Sighting Report for June 7, 2017

We were expecting rain today judging by the forecast.  HOWEVER, an amazing pleasant surprise that we had nothing but sunshine for our morning adventures!

Jimmy, Gordon & Kaegan were as keen as you get to head out on the water to explore for cetacean species.  We did have an early report of a possible humpback sighting in Haro Strait (between Vancouver Island and the mainland), which is where the captains began to head.  They did get locate a large humpback and got to a nice interaction before heading further north to investigate around the Gulf Islands.  As they began to cruise back to Victoria we received a report of Bigg's orca just south of Victoria - Success!! The morning adventures got to encounter humpbacks but a large pod of Bigg's orca off the waterfront.  The trips were extended due to orca being found late in the tour, which is never a problem for us as we are very time flexible.

The afternoon adventures headed out with great excitement as the orca were still very close by.  Orca and were sighted again on our afternoon expeditions.  Lastly, the sunset cruise was looking incredibly promising once again and guests were not disappointed with great encounters of the large pod of orca near the American San Juan Islands.

All in all it was a successful day once again.

We are expecting the wind this afternoon to increase quite significantly, which may reduce our search areas for potential whale sightings.

J27 hunting salmon at the surface in April, 2017

Capt Tom