Sighting Report for June 6, 2017

Today was by far one of the nicest days in June we have had this year! Our 3 morning expeditions were eager and excited to find out what cetacean species would be around to encounter.

Capt. Gordon was out first on BC ORCA @10am and located the T65s and was the star of the morning finding a pod of Bigg's Orca (t65s), which we interacted with late last evening.  The morning guests got to encounter not only orca but Humpback whales & a small baby grey whale too.

The afternoon expeditions decided to head the opposite direction due to a sighting report of potentially more Bigg's orca spotted out to the west coming towards Victoria, BC.  The report was accurate and all of our guests were lucky enough to sight a new born calf (T2C4) in the pod!!!

The evening cruises continued to be nothing short of incredible with more orca encounters at sunset along with a few pinniped species at Race Rocks made for an unforgettable adventure for our guests!  This is what I would call a successful day with amazing interactions with various cetacean species!

Bring on Wednesday! It is hump-day so lets hope for some great humpback whale encounters!  Stay tuned!!

Capt Tom