Sighting Report for June 5, 2017

What a DAY once again!!! We knew that we had a great day as we were opening up the office and getting the vessels prepped for the day. Calm oceans and sunny skies always means epic days.

Russ & Gordon started heading east and north on a hunch that there might be a few whales feeding again around the Gulf Islands.  They were right! Our morning expeditions got to encounter 2 individual humpbacks as well as a pod of Bigg's orca (mammal hunters), which I believe were the T65s.

The afternoon guests got to interact with the same population of Bigg's orca and a few humpbacks as well!  The evening cruises got to encounter Bigg's orca hunting along the shoreline of Pender Island snacking on harbour seals, whilst watching the colours of twilight form over head.  Simply Perfect!!

Lets bring on today!  We got Capt. Jimmy Z & Gordon ready and waiting for their guests before heading out to explore what encounters are awaiting them

BC TIKA with Capt. Gordon at the helm ~ Mt. Baker in the background

T65s cruising past our vessels after a successful hunt of a harbour seal

One of the T65s with a chunk of what was once a harbour seal in its mouth!

Capt Tom