Sighting Report for June 4, 2017

The sun was up early and so were a few early rumoured sightings reports from a commercial fishing vessel, which reported a pod of Bigg's orca hunting seals.  Our morning expeditions departed to explore the area to see what they could find.  All of our guests were incredibly lucky to interact with a couple of huge humpback whales, which blew everyone's mind.

The afternoon was expected to be slightly more adventurous with the westerly wind to increase making sea surface conditions less calm - more adventurous! Capt. Russ & Gordon departed with confident attitudes to interact with more humpback whales and they did not disappoint!! Yet another successful day of whale encounters.

Due to the wind increase we did have to reschedule our sunset cruise departures to ensure all of our guests would have the best experience possible, which at the end of the day is all we focus on!  Today is yet another beautiful day on the west coast and we plan to make it as memorable as physically possible for all of our guests~ stay tuned for more sighting reports/updates!!

Capt Tom