Sighting Report for June 3, 2017!

First weekend of June started off a little adventurous for our morning expeditions that got to see an elusive humpback that was foraging for food around a few banks south of Victoria, BC.  The conditions were at first slightly bumpy but as the tide turned the sea surface calmed down significantly.  

In the early afternoon we received a sighting rumoured reports of Orca in the area too.  The report said they moving in from the west heading towards Port Angeles.  Our afternoon expeditions quickly headed in that direction to confirm whether or not the rumours were true.  They were! Contact Bigg's Orca moving slowing west along the Strait of Juan De Fuca slowly foraging for lunch.  As our afternoon expedition returned the tide again began to turn and conditions were increasing, which our guests got back in time before it got worse.  Success!!

The weather is expected to get more sunny as we move into next week, as well, as sea surface conditions.  Summer is finally here and the whale encounters are nothing short of amazing!!