Sighting Report for June 27, 2017

The Bigg's are back!! The sun was out and the wind was down making the conditions more than ideal for a marine expedition. Before our Captains set out for the day there was already sightings of Bigg's killer whales (mammal eaters) known as the T123's.

The T123's consist of a mother and her two young; one being a teenage male, born in 2000 and a new female calf born in 2012. They gave our guests a show as the breached often and were quite active as they headed West into the evening. 

Plenty of humpbacks still in the area as they feed and rest after traveling thousands of kilometers from tropical waters. This is a great spot to stop in before they reach their final destination of Alaska where there is plenty more to eat!

A stop by the ecological reserve 'Race Rocks' always brings great pinniped sightings! It is a known haul out sight for seals and sea lions providing them with lots of space to bask in the sun. There have been many sightings of Elephant seals sparing over dominance and territory, giving our guests the opportunity to view a showdown. 

Another successful day on the water, stay tuned to hear what we encounter next!