Sightings Report for June 25, 2017

The sun and refreshing ocean air provided perfect conditions for another great day on the water. Captain Tom, Kaegan, Lyle, and Darren were looking forward to discovering what animals were in the area as they headed out for their morning trips!

Members of the southern resident orca (fish eaters) were seen moving up and down along the San Juan Island foraging and socializing. Captain Tom decided to drop his hydrophone and had guests overwhelmed with live vocalizations from members of J pod chatting to one another - always brings a smile to everyone on board, which includes the Captains! 

Humpback whales were also encountered throughout the day breaching, feeding, and hanging out in large groups south of Victoria.

Stay tuned to see what our Captains spot today!

a few young members of J pod socializing with one another along San Juan Island

A humpback descending on a longer dive with Mt. Baker in the background