Sighting Report for June 24, 2017

What an amazing and hot day to be on the water!!! Our morning and afternoon tours were blessed with some incredible humpback whale encounters on water without a ripple in sight.  All of the guests were blown away by the interactions.  As well as, the large Northern elephant seals they encountered at Race Rocks ecological reserve with a few of the males sparring with one another in full view of our vessels.

The sunset cruise was a tad different - again beautiful humpbacks encounters on calm sea surfaces BUT half way through they got to witness all of the members of L Pod!!  That is right! The sunset cruise got to encounter orca from our Southern Resident population - 35 orca coming in from the west in the Juan De Fuca Strait.

MIND BLOWN!! Capt. Jim Z (21 year veteran guide in the BC waters) claimed it to be one of the trips of his season, which is a statement he never announces easily.  That is life on the water some days people ~ at the end of the day it is like winning the lottery... buy a ticket and sometimes you are lucky beyond belief.

Lets hope L Pod stay around for a while and today our guests get to WIN once again with memorable orca encounters.