Sightings Report for June 19, 2017

Calm seas and cloudy skies brought another great day for whale watching!

Our morning trips got to observe a Biggs orca (mammal eaters) pod as they made their way West toward the open Pacific. Several Humpback whales were also observed lunge feeding and breaching above the surface, both unique sights in these waters. 

As Captain Gordon, Russ, and Kaegan headed out for the afternoon trips, they once again caught up with the lively Humpbacks as they continued to feed in a group of six. The whales were foraging close together and the grunts that the individuals let out could indicate their efforts of working together to corner their prey. They were seen foraging and resting into the evening as our sunset tour headed out to finish off another successful day on the Salish Sea.

Stay tuned as we head into another week of excitement on the water!