Sighting Report for June 12, 2017

We knew the day was going to be epic when we got early reports in the morning of lots of orca heading east towards Victoria in the Juan De Fuca.  it was later confirmed from our morning expeditions it was all the members of the Southern Resident orca population, which of that population it was all members of L pod (roughly 35 orca).

Capt. Russ was the happiest when he got to interact with his favourite member Mega - aka L41.  It was amazing to see all of L pod moving towards their usual foraging grounds around the San Juan Islands.  Lets hope there is enough salmon around to keep their bellies full and around in the region.

The wind did pick up a little bit, which did make our afternoon expeditions slightly more adventurous.  It was amazing to see all of our guests get so excited to encounter this critically endangered population of orca.  Nothing but huge smiles and slightly new hair styles for guests who joined our open zodiac expeditions

We did cancel and transfer our guests from the sunset cruise due to the high winds and bumpy sea conditions.

Stay tuned to hear about what encounters our guests experience today!!!