Sighting Report for June 10, 2017

The clouds and rain in the early morning did not deter our adventurous captains & guests for a second!!  The sun came out as we anticipated & our expeditions headed out in search of cetacean encounters. We did receive reports from the BC Ferries that they did see some orca from one of their sailings.  Capt. Russ headed that way and caught up with a pod of Bigg's Orca (mammal hunters); Capt. Jimmy Z & Kaegan quickly followed and encountered not only Bigg's orca but humpbacks & Grey whales!!

The afternoon expeditions were thrilled with the morning and encounters and were not disappointed cruising off the waterfront of Victoria, BC to interact with some mammal hunting orca, as well as, humpbacks and grey whales.  3 different huge marine mammals in one trip!!!  simply awesome :)

Our sunset cruises headed off to catch up with the Bigg's orca as well!!!  The big difference with the sunset cruise through is that gorgeous colours of twilight as the sun slowly sinks into the pacific.  Id say that is a successful day and a great way to start a weekend in summer here on the west coast!!

A Bigg's orca (T10b) cruising past with BC LUNA in the background.

Capt Tom