Sighting Report for May 30, 2017

Well, our sunshine disappeared and was replaced with grey skies and some flashes of lightening.  This didn't stop our morning expeditions encountered another large group of Bigg's Orca west of Victoria.  The trips themselves were over 100km in distance as the animals were moving quite quickly with the ebbing current.  Guests were thrilled with the encounters with them being the only vessel with these apex predators of the ocean.  Especially, getting to encounter two lone bull orca traveling together (T87 & T77a) - pics below

The afternoon too saw more encounters with Bigg's orca but this time north towards Vancouver.  It was another slightly longer trip than usual but as always pays off with a great interaction for all of our guests.

all I can say is bring on today!! 

T87 (right) & T77a (left)

Female & Juvenile Bigg's orca cruising past Sombrio beach on Vancouver Island

Capt Tom