Sighting Report for May 22, 2017

Happy Victoria Day!! (May22) It was one great day to be on the water with not a cloud in the sky and not a breeze of wind either.  Throw in a few individual humpbacks and large group of Bigg's orca in the area and its a great day at "the office".  No other word for it but spoilt!

The large group of Bigg's orca consisted of the T124s, T86s and the large long male T87 - whom can be quite elusive and shy when it comes to his space.  The large group slowly cruised north up Haro Strait whilst foraging on marine mammals throughout the day.  

A shot from Capt. Tom with the Bigg's orca just after they finished snacking on a harbour seal.  The Island in the background is Pender Island.

Capt Tom