Whale Watching Guarantee Program -
The Most Valuable Program (MVP) in the Industry

* The whale guarantee program only applies to our Whale Watching Tours ~ June 1st until September 30th *

BC Whale Tours has the most valuable whale watching guarantee program in the industry this is to ensure we proivde our guests with exceptional customer service.

How do we ensure exceptional customer service?

By using the newest technologically advanced boats, which are the fastest in the whale watching business, we take our clients to the whales quickly, comfortably and with excitement!

Why is our whale watching guarantee program the most valuable to you as a valued passenger with BC Whale Tours?

In the event whales are not sighted on a Whale Watching trip, BC Whale Tours offers all guests:

  • A 20% PARTIAL CASH REFUND from the passenger's intial ticket cost, AND
  • OFFER A SECOND TRIP FREE OF CHARGE ~ on a standby basis

*The Whale Watching Guarantee Program applies to our Whale Watching tours June 1st to September 30th.


Standby refers to, 30 minutes prior to departure of our trips, when space is available on any of our vessels, we will book you on a tour free of charge.  We will do our best to accommodate you for your second free trip, space permitting.

Our Whale Watching Guarantee is valid for one year from the date the ticket is purchased.  Identification and copy of passenger's ticket will be required for this guarantee to be valid.  This guarantee is non-transferrable.

* Conditions Apply *

  • Non-transferable (picture ID may be required)
  • Must be validated in office prior to boarding vessel
  • We reserve the right to alter departure times, cancel any trip due to inclement weather conditions, mechanical pronblems or other unforeseen circumstances without prior notice and without liability
  • Partial 20% CASH BACK is not applicable with package deals ie. adrenaLINE Ziplining Package - A Free Tour will still be offered on a standby basis


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