MVP Guarantee ~ Whale Guarantee Program

*The whale guarantee program only applies to our Whale Watching Tours ~ June 1st until September 30th*

We strive to give our passengers the best whale watching experience possible. Our vessels are able to travel faster and farther than any other commercial vessel in the area. However, these wild animals are able to travel large distances and occasionally move beyond everyones' range ~ even ours.


In the event whales are not sighted on a Whale Watching trip, BC Whale Tours NOT ONLY offers all guests:

  • 20% PARTIAL REFUND from their intial ticket cost,

In order to ensure return passengers whale sightings, special bookings are required to be made with the office staff. These arrangements may mean a different departure time and vessel from the original trip, but we will provide the best experience possible.


We at BC Whale Tours provide this extra complimentary service because we hope you will find our coastal environment and wildlife as inspiring as we do and enjoy a trip of a lifetime!



*Conditions Apply*

  • Non-transferable (picture ID may be required)
  • Must be validated in office prior to boarding vessel
  • We reserve the right to alter departure times, cancel any trip due to inclement weather conditions, mechanical pronblems or other unforeseen circumstances without prior notice and without liability.


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